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Our Mission

The mission of The Beagle School is to provide a quality early education experience that fosters the sense of wonder and discovery that naturally exists in all children. Through a variety of enriching experiences, children will be supported in all areas of development, with a particular emphasis on such traits as self-motivation, responsibility, and creativity. This will be accomplished through The Beagle School working together with families to assure a safe and nurturing environment for each child.


Beagle School Facilities


The Beagle School operates out of two locations, each located in the heart of Saratoga Springs. We strive to offer a friendly and casual environment in which to build a strong foundation for future learning.


Circular Street

Our two-year old program, affectionately known as “Little Beagle,” is located at 107 Circular Street. This warm and cheerful environment allows for a perfect introduction to the school experience. A house corner, science center, a large open space for circle time, and a fun outdoor play area provide the youngest members of the Beagle family a variety of outlets for exploration and play.



Regent Street

Our three and four-year old programs are held at 115 Regent Street. The open floor plan lends itself to multiple opportunities for self-guided discovery. This location also features a large outdoor play area. A variety of play structures are in place to develop large motor skills while encouraging creativity and fun.

Beagle School teaches our daughter something new every class, and at home she makes connections and associations of her knowledge and her environment by identifying shapes, colors, numbers, letters, etc...  She just turned 3 and she can already spell her name!

- Jon D


Beagle School Staff

Administrative Staff

Jessica Todtenhagen, Director  

Jessica joined the staff at The Beagle School as Director in 2017, however her connection to the preschool goes back much farther. She first became a Beagle parent when her oldest son became a student in 2010 and then joined the school’s Board of Directors in 2012. Her passion for our school and love of children make her a great asset to our programs. Jessica holds a Master’s Degree in Education from The University at Buffalo. She began the Beagle School’s Read-A-Thon, as well as

co-chaired the first Annual Saratoga Day of Play in 2017. She is a mother to three Beagle alumni.

Colleen Park, Business Manager

A dedicated member of the Beagle community, Colleen joined the office at The Beagle School in 2017 after having served on the school’s Board of Directors for 5 years. Her friendliness and dedication are a great addition to the office. Colleen is a graduate of Marist College and has many years of experience in project management and administrative roles. She is a mother to two Beagle alumni.

Teaching Staff
Explorers, 2 Year Old Program

Ms. Anna, Teacher


Anna taught in the New York City public school system for many years and is a NYS permanently certified teacher. She holds a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education from Brooklyn College. Ms. Anna provides a safe, nurturing, and creative environment where the children can learn and grow through developmentally appropriate classroom activities. She fosters a love of learning to our two-year-olds and her loving approach creates a warm environment in which the children can thrive. Anna is a mother to three Beagle School alumni. Prior to joining our staff Anna served on Beagle School Board of Directors for two years.

Ms. Kara, Assistant

Kara has returned to the Beagle School after having been a teacher here several years ago.  As a former Beagle parent herself, she is excited to help our two-year-old students develop a life-long love of learning.  Kara has an Associate’s Degree from SUNY Cobleskill in Early Childhood Education.  Her kindness and compassion, as well as experience with children, makes her a great part of the Little Explorers’ team.  She is a mom of three.  

Voyagers, 3-Year Old Program

Ms. Linette, Teacher

Linette brings a fun, energetic warmth to our 3-year-old class room as the Lead Teacher in Voyagers and an Assistant Teacher in Discoverers and Beyond Beagle. She is full of great ideas that incorporate STEAM into our program. Linette has over 14 years of experience teaching preschool as well as substitute teaching in local districts. In addition to teaching during the school year, Linette also serves as our Summer Camp Lead Teacher. Linette is a mother to two children.


Ms. Linda, Assistant

Linda is beginning her second year at the Beagle School.  She is the assistant in both Voyagers programs , as well as a teacher in our Kindergarten Boot Camp, which she helped to develop. She is an experienced preschool teacher with an Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Education.  Her compassion, friendliness, and desire to help children explore the world around them, makes her a wonderful part to our team.  Her vast experience and creativity are wonderful assets to our program!  


Ms. Sarah, Assistant

Sarah is the assistant for both Voyagers programs, Discoverers, and Beyond Beagle. She brings warmth, conscientiousness, and reassurance to her students; all of which are needs of 3- and 4-year-olds. She is also an assistant teacher during our summer camp programs. Sarah loves seeing her former students over the summer and enjoys meeting those who will be in her class the following fall. She is a mother to a Beagle Camp alumna.

Discoverers, 4-Year Old Program

Ms. Laura, Teacher

Laura is the teacher for both our Discoverers and Beyond Beagle programs. She joined the teaching staff at The Beagle School in 2018, bringing with her over twenty years’ experience as an early childhood educator. She has a BS in Elementary Education and a Master’s degree in Special Education from The College of St. Rose. Her warm, caring nature, paired with her excellent and unique ideas, make her a wonderful addition to the Beagle family. Laura is a mother to three children.

Teaching Staff
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